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Dental Bridges & Tooth Implants in Thailand "Strongly recommended" #BIDC 52

New Zealander travels to Thailand for dental tourism for dental cost savings on dental implants, dental bridges in replacing missing gaps and fillings. Dental treatment was done in just 3 to 4 visits. Dental tourist from New Zealand gives a dental review on his dental experience in Thailand by Bangkok International Dental Center (BIDC).

"I heard that they (BIDC) were very professional. I have no post dental issues. I was in full knowledge of everything that was happening. I had backup...

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Implant versus Bridge "Impressed & Economical" at Bangkok Dental Clinic #BIDC 31

Patient from Australia travels overseas to Bangkok for dental treatments at BIDC bangok dental clinic to have tooth crowns and bridges. Patient review on dental experience at BIDC dental clinic on complicated and extensive dental surgery assessment.

“I was really impressed at BIDC because they looked into having dental implants put in place, but because there was not enough bone due to osteoporosis, they actually recommended that I have a bridge put in place

The treatments have been a lot...

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"My dental experience is something I've not witnessed before" Thailand Dental Clinic #BIDC 62

Patient from Perth Western Australia travels to BIDC Thailand Dental Clinic for numerous dental treatment including root canal treatment, fillings, crowns, teeth cleaning and tooth whitening. Dental tourist from Australia feedbacks on the professional and fantastic dental services received at award-winning BIDC dental clinic in Thailand.

"I've been coming to BIDC for numerous treatments. I've had 4 crowns, 2 root canals, teeth whitening, 4 fillings, scale and clean. I've found the staff very...

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Teeth Whitening "Happy with Service" Bangkok Dental #BIDC 59

Australian patient enjoys a white brighter smile with tooth whitening treatment, scaling teeth cleaning from BIDC Bangkok Dentists.

Patient from Australia provides dental experience on her trip for fillings and dental treatment in Thailand. BIDC is a top provider for BriteSmile teeth whitening treatment.

“I came here for Teeth Whitening,Scaling Cleaning and Fillings. I was very Happy with the service and enjoying the bright whiter Smile

I will definitely recommend BIDC to all my family,...

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Thailand dental hospital review "I felt assured by quality of care" on dental implant #BIDC 29

Australian travels overseas to Thailand and reviews her dental clinic choice in Bangkok on high quality standards of assurance. Ms Caramel had multiple extensive dental treatments opted included large fillings and dental Implants.

"I had incredible good service. I felt reassured by the quality of care given. I had low level of discomfort that made me feel confident.

I certainly recommend BIDC."

BIDC is an award-winning BIDC Thailand Dental Hospital and the first and American based JCI...

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"I Love my New Smile" Australia travellers at Thailand Dental Clinic #BIDC 69

Australian from Goldcoast Queensland Australia had 2 dental crowns, 6 porcelain veneers, dental bridges, teeth cleaning and teeth whitening done at BIDC thailand dental clinic in Bangkok. Australian provides her review on BIDC as her choice as the dental clinic in thailand is a one-stop dental center facility catering to all her dental needs.

"Bangkok International Dental Center was one of only dental clinics that had everything, all the facilities that we wanted to have done in one building....

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Dental Cost Savings "100% Professional. Service & Care Exceeds" American Review #BIDC 54

American travels from South Carolina, USA to Thailand for dental tourism and reviews on his dental treatment work done by BIDC Bangkok Dentists. American patient feedbacks on his dental costs saving for relatively major dental procedures done including having missing gaps replaced with dental implants, root canal treatment, crowns and other dental procedures done at high standards. BIDC Bangkok Dentist is the first American based JCI accredited dental center in Thailand.

"100% Professionals! I...

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British Dentist Reviews "I felt confident. Brilliant work & costs" Bangkok Dentists #BIDC 51

British from London, UK travels to Bangkok for teeth cleaning, 4 fillings, front veneers & take home teeth bleaching at award-winning BIDC Bangkok Dentists. British provides her dental reviews on BIDC cleanliness, standards and dental costs as compared to the UK.

"I've really happy with the quality of the work done. Everybody I've encountered has been so professional from start to finish. The consultation and advice was excellent. The center is so clean and hygienic. I felt confident in the...

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"Quality of dental work is 100 percent" dental crowns review by Australian #BIDC 68

Australian from Queensland travelled to Thailand with her husband to Bangkok International Dental Center BIDC for extensive dental treatments. She provides her dental reviews on BIDC on its high quality dental work, professional qualifications of dentists in Bangkok; good english-speaking staff and thorough post-care followup checks. The Australian couple had root canal treatment, tooth fillings, teeth extraction and dental crowns done at BIDC dental clinic.

"My husband had root canal...

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Swedish dental review "Skillful Staff. Lower price than Sweden" #BIDC 20

Swedish patient goes overseas comes to Thailand for dental treatments at BIDC bangkok dental clinic to have tooth crowns at affordable dental costs and for vacation.

"I visited BIDC since 2006 due to bad teeth condition. I came to BIDC for treatment and have been here since.

I'm very satisfied with everything. The staff is nice. The dentist and staff are very skillful. I can recommend this place to everybody.

If you do to BIDC you can have a free vacation in Thailand because the price is so...

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