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Root canal treatment

Root Canal Treatments

The pulp is found in the center of the tooth and in canals (called root canals) inside the root of each tooth. Pulp includes connective tissue, nerves and blood vessels. Pulp nourishes the tooth when it first emerges through the gum.

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Restoring tooth after root...

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Dr. Helena Wong Dental Clinic, Implant, Restorative ...

DR. HELENA WONG DENTAL CLINIC BDS(HK), MDS(Pros)(HK), AdvDipProsthodont(HK), M Pros RCSEd , ( ), ,

Dr. Helena Wong Dental Clinic is located at the heart of Central, just above adidas, which is much more convenient to you.

Our Clinic not only provides General Dental Services, but also focuses on Implant Dentistry, Restorative Dentistry and Cosmetic Dentistry. We look ...

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Date: 2018-02-18 10:58:04

Endodontics in London Root canal treatment London

Root Canal Treatments

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment may be necessary if a patient's tooth/teeth become decayed or if an injury has occurred. In such cases the tooth pulp usually becomes damaged, which can often result in a lack of blood to the area and, in turn, infection and tooth pain. Root canal treatment is essential to prevent infection from spreading, consequently...

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Root Canal Cost - Average cost of root canal treatment

How much does a root canal cost?

Root canal treatment may be the dental procedure with the widest range of cost, for a number of reasons. The root canal cost varies widely depending on the difficulty of the procedure. The main factor that affects the root canal cost is the estimated time that the dentist will need to complete the procedure.

In any case, the cost of root canal is significant and...

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Endodontics and Periodontics Carrollton & Garland TX

Laredo - The Endodontic Specialists - Laredo Phone Number 956-284-0990

The Endodontic Specialists provides the finest Endodontic treatment available in a comfortable and welcoming environment. Our doctors are committed to treating your dental need comprehensively and working with your general dentist as a part of a treatment team dedicated to establishing the best possible care for you. Our goal...

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Root canal - Wikipedia

Structure[ edit ]

At the center of every tooth is a hollow area that houses soft tissues , such as the nerve , blood vessels , and connective tissue . This hollow area contains a relatively wide space in the coronal portion of the tooth called the pulp chamber . These canals run through the center of the roots, similar to the way pencil lead runs through a pencil. The pulp receives nutrition...

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Root Canal Treatment - Ask Your Dentist

Root canal treatment is also known as a root filling or an RCT.

If a tooth is infected or badly damaged by trauma, a root canal treatment is necessary unless the patient decides to have the tooth out.

Root canal treatment is removing the tissue from the inside of the tooth and replacing it with a filling.

When do I need a root canal treatment?

If decay is left untreated, it reaches the pulp...

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Root Canal Treatment - Canadian Dental Association

Root canal treatment, also known as endodontic treatment, is the process of removing infected, injured or dead pulp from your tooth. The space inside the hard layers of each tooth is called the root canal system. This system is filled with soft dental pulp made up of nerves and blood vessels that help your tooth grow and develop.

A healthy tooth.

When bacteria (germs) enter your tooth through...

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Root Canal Treatment Guide: Process - Costs - Recovery ...

Last Updated: 5 July 2016

Source: Australian Dental Association's (ADA) annual dental fee survey conducted in October 2015.

Regular Patients Pay: The fee non-members 'could be charged' when visiting a regular dentist.

Members Pay: Members pay no more than this fee (the fee may be less) when visiting an approved dentist.

* This Dental Fee Example is a guide only. Your personal situation should be...

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SCHOW DENTAL Practice limited to Root Canal Therapy*

SCHOW DENTAL Practice limited to Root Canal Therapy*

Medicine Hat, AB


...and thank you for choosing us to serve your endodontic needs.

Schow Dental�is�a dental�practice in�Medicine Hat (Southern�Alberta)�providing root canal treatments and root canal surgery. ��

Our paperless office makes communication between your dentist and our office seamless.

Our Mission

Concern for our patients is the motivating principle of our practice.�Whatever your�endodontic needs may be, we are...

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Welcome to DDS Dental Care in Shanghai, China


Apex Locators :

Sonar was invented during World War II to find and destroy Nazi submarines. A similar technology is currently being used to find the open ends of root canals. Year ago a dentist used the tooth's x-ray to decide where to end the root canal filling. This was sometimes a major problem and the filling material went out of the tooth. Sometimes the filling material would not go far...

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What is the cost of root canal treatment in India? - Quora

Answered 102w ago

The cost of root canal varies from clinic to clinic deoebding upon the infrastructure, vincity,Doctor's Experience, Qualification etc. Normaly Price starts from INR 2000 and go upto 8000. Post root canal you require a crown which is excluded in your treatment cost, the crown pricing starts at 1500.

Try using My Dentist its affordable and Reliable.

Good Luck

Zeeshan Dotcomic ,...

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Root Canal Treatment - Jamie the Dentist

A successful root canal is not painful (it may take some days to settle as the dentist will have instrumented and aggravated the tissues around the end of the tooth). There are no symptoms or tenderness and mobility has not increased. There is no draining sinus present and ligament surrounding the tooth appears normal.

If a radiograph (X-ray) shows that the dark area around the root of the tooth...

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Dentist Jamaica Queens|Emergency Dentist Jamaica Queens


Welcome to Advanced Implant & Cosmetic Dental

Dr. Ben Mokhtar graduated from SUNY Stony Brook in 1995. He has been practicing dentistry for fifteen years. He specializes in preventative dentistry, restoration, reconstruction, rehabilitation, cosmeticdentistry and dental implants. He is a bih believer in Braces and invisalign as a tool to straighten teeth and minimize...

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I Just Had A Root Canal, Why Does My Tooth Still Hurt ...

Tags: paducah ky dentist �� root canals �� pain �� Bohle Family Dentistiry �� dental blog ��

Is Your Tooth Still Painful After A Root Canal?

Recent a patient complained to me that she had seen a root canal specialist for toothache and needed a root canal.� She said that the root canal was performed with no problems but now her tooth was still sore and tender.� Her question...

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Calgary SW Dentist | Signal Hill Dental Centre | Welcome

Calgary SW Dentist in Signal Hill offering general, family, emergency, cosmetic, and children dentistry. Direct billing insurance available and extended hours.

calgary dentist, calgary sw dentist, dentist in calgary, dentist calgary, calgary dental clinic, calgary sw dental clinic, family dentist, general dentist, children dentist, kids dentist, emergency dentist, cosmetic dentist, invisalign,...

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Endodontist vs dentist. When is a root canal specialist ...


Endodontist or Dentist - Which makes the right choice?

When it comes to having root canal treatment, the field of dentistry offers two options. Either your regular dentist can perform your work, or else a specialist. The formal term for a root canal specialist is "endodontist."

The main difference between the two lies in the level of expertise they have to offer. And as this page outlines,...

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Best Dental Hospital in Hyderabad - Dentist in Hyderabad ...


Vidisha Kalra, Commissioner of IRS

My parents got dentures done at Ameerpet Dental. They are extremely happy with the treatment and services.

Our family members are getting treatment since decade. I am very high with them services. �

Gayatri Ramachandram, IAS, SPL Chief secretary

I had to undergo Root canal after experiencing painless Root Canal Treatment. I am no more searched...

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Dentists Prague - Find a better Dentist in Prague

Dental clinic Vyhlídka

09 87 67 96 00 ext: 50663 Suchý Vrsek 2122/33, 158 00, Prague 5 - Stodulky, Prague, 158 00

Dental Clinic Vyhlídka is premium dental clinic,  equipped with a one of the most modern technology producedby the top firms on the dental world market. In our clinic we use the Sirona radiography - Sirona ORTHOPHOS SL 3D, for production esthetic dental ceramic crowns, dental...

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Dental Procedures & Surgery – Root Canal, Bridges ...

Home » Current Health Articles » Dental Procedures & Surgery - Root Canal, Bridges, Implants

Dental Procedures & Surgery - Root Canal, Bridges, Implants

Dental surgery and related dental procedures are often feared to be painful experiences that can be avoided by attending to your dental needs. However dental surgery and related procedures are essential for :

Maintaining the health and...

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Date: 2018-04-03 01:27:52

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Porcelain metal bridge problems or crown ... - NYC Dentist

Before and after photos on porcelain metal bridge problems or crown complications performed in our NYC Cosmetic Dentistry office.

This patient came in with porcelain broken off the lateral tooth of a six tooth fixed porcelain and metal bridge. Prior history: He said that two months earlier this six year old bridge had fallen out and his current dentist refused to recement it. His dentist refused...

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Dentist Terminology, Dental Glossary, Terminology

Palate - The hard and soft tissues forming the roof of the mouth.

Palliative - Treatment that relieves pain but is NOT curative.

Palmer Notation - see "Tooth Numbering"

Panorex - An extraoral full-mouth X-ray that records the teeth and the upper and lower jaws on one film.

Partial denture - A removable appliance used to replace one or more lost teeth.

Pediatric dentistry - The specialized branch...

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Emergency Dentist In Houston - Root Canal Dentist


Emergency Dental Care

If you searched for Emergency Dentist Near�Me you have come to the right place!� Our caring and gentle Dentist will help get you the relief that you deserve.

URBN Dental Emergency Dental Care is a�service that is open every day at our Houston Dentist Office for unexpected Dental Emergencies that may occur. We made time every day in our schedules to see...

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Chaparral Village Dental - Home - Temecula, CA

Full Service Dentistry for�All Ages

Family, Cosmetic, Restorative, Orthodontics, Endodontics,�Periodontics, Oral Surgery, Implants, TMJ

Welcome to Chaparral Village Dental & Orthodontics, the family/cosmetic dental and Orthodontic office in Temecula, California! My name is Dr. Ming Zhao. I am a Loma Linda Dental School graduate, with more than 25 years experience and intensive trainings...

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Date: 2017-11-12 17:49:11

Should You Get Dental Work in Mexico?—One Man’s Experience ...

The last time I went to Rocky Point I noticed a lot of really nice looking (on the outside, since I did not go inside) dental offices there and on the border in Sonoyta. I am aware that many Americans choose to hit the border for affordable dentistry, and have done a little reading on it. We even have an article written by a former Mexico correspondent, Al Barrus, describing his experience in...

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Find the Best Endodontists (Root Canal Dentists) Near You.

Some Things to Consider When Choosing an Endodontist.

Many people in the United States experience tooth decay or tooth issues of one type or another and root canals are an all too common procedure today. Before you go in for your procedure we recommend getting a second opinion and also making sure your chosen dentist has ample experience in doing root canals. �Yes�it is a common procedure but�it is still a complicated one�and because of that it's important to find one�of the best Endodontists�in your area.

Things to Consider:

Latest Equipment and�Techniques...

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Emergency Dental Clinic | Your Family Dentist Liverpool

Looking For Emergency Dentist ? Call Family Dentist Liverpool on 02 9601 7534

Having severe toothache ? Looking for Emergency Dental Treatment ?�

Whether You are having Severe Toothache, Dental Trauma, Chipped Teeth or Broken Tooth. We offer Emergency Dental Services at Family Dental Clinic Liverpool. We are quite passionate about our profession and patient, Hence We offer extended after hour dental services even on Sunday. Instant Appointment Available During Emergencies.

wisdom tooth treatment

We do 95% treatment on spot. We have gas to make treatment pleasant. We have full mouth x-ray for wisdom teeth on site,...

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Endodontist Chattanooga TN, Root Canal, Cracked Tooth ...

Southeastern Endodontics

Southeastern Endodontics is a specialty dental practice limited to endodontic (root canal) therapy . Our office has highly trained and experienced endodontists and a caring, professional staff .

Both Dr. Brock and Dr. Burns are among the distinguished few in the region that have achieved a Master's degree in the science of...

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City Dental clinic Dwarka, Affordable Dental clinic in ...

City Dental Clinic Dwarka

City dental clinic Dwarka

City Dental Clinic is a multi-speciality dental clinic in Dwarka Sector 7. Our clinic provides affordable dental treatments. Our dentists believe in perfection. All type of dental treatments are available at our clinic. Clinic is open all seven days a week.

Dental Treatments Available

At city dental clinic we provide affordable Dental implants ....

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Dentist | Fenton Family Dental | Silver Spring, MD 20910


Dental Bridge Repair

It's an unfortunate fact that dental work doesn't always last forever. And when your dental bridge breaks, it can lead to unwanted discomfort. For reliable dental bridge repair, turn to the team at Fenton Family Dental. As an established dental practice in Silver Spring, MD, our goal is to get your bridge repaired in a timely and effective fashion.


Dental Crown...

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Date: 2018-02-23 03:45:06

Dental practice Kingston – Channel Dental Care Get the ...

A dental practice in Kingston that you can trust

You deserve a great smile, and we can help you look your best

A great smile is an important tool for life, at our dental practice in Kingston we will create a dental plan that will help you achieve and maintain a beautiful smile! From regular checkups to a custom made oral hygiene plan, looking your best starts right here at Kingston's most trusted dental practice.

If you're like many...

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Northside Family Dental Clinic Glendale AZ affordable ...

Northside Family Dental, we provide comprehensive family and cosmetic dentistry services in a caring and comfortable environment.� Our highly trained staff and impeccable facilities will help ensure your visit is a painless and pleasing experience!

Owned and operated by Dr.�Nick Gidwani (DDS, MDS) and Dr.�Chitra Gidwani (DDS) since its inception, Northside Family...

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Home - Dentistry 4 Kids

All About

Dentistry 4 Kids

At Dentistry 4 Kids, we offer a wide range of dental services, including children's specialties like Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics. Please, call us to schedule a complimentary consultation for your child and discover why we are considered the standard for great care in our industry. We are excited to serve you.

Read Our

Happy Smiles

Great environment (look at...

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Root Canal Costs | Cost of Root Canal Therapy

$200 to $450


*Note that a filling will often not suffice and the tooth may require further treatment by way of a core filling ($200-$450) and a full coverage crown ($1400-$2200).

Various aspects of the treatments mentioned above will vary from practitioner to practitioner depending on a series of factors discussed on our dental costs main site

Root Canal vs Tooth Extraction & Implant

Qualifications and training to become a specialist endodontist

In Australia, only dentists who have completed the additional three...

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New, Improved Dental Procedures –®

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New, Improved Dental Procedures

Many people avoid dental care because of bad experiences they have had. As a result, some people may not have seen a dentist for 15 or 20 years or more. What these people should know is that dentistry has been literally transformed in the last 10 years. The most notable and important...

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Next Generation Dental - New York City Emergency Dentist ...


Contact Us!

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Do you need dental insurance? - Money Advice Service

Do you need dental insurance?

We all want to take care of our teeth. It makes good financial sense to get your dental treatment subsidised or free though the NHS. But if you can't go to an NHS dentist, or you need to have a great deal of work done on your teeth, dental insurance might be a good idea.

What are the options for funding dental care?


Not sure what something means? Have a look at our...

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Los Angeles Cosmetic Dentist - Dr. Arthur A. Kezian DDS

Los Angeles Dentist office you are the most important person. That's why we work diligently to make you feel welcome and comfortable. You are never an interruption to our work, but rather the reason we work so hard. Our team approach assures your involvement in every dental decision, from determining your needs, to establishing a dental care plan. Our commitment is to provide you the highest standard of personalized dental care with a gentle, efficient and professional manner. We trust you will find the atmosphere calming, the staff...

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Dentists in Helston Cosmetic Dentist Helston Dentists

Dentists in Helston & Cosmetic Dentists in Helston

If you would like to book an appointment at your local Helston dental surgery or if you would like to know more about cosmetic dentistry in Helston below you can find a list of dentists near...

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Kreativ Dental Clinic | Dentist Abroad | Crown Dentistry ...

Dental Crowns

Crowns are a fixed restoration fitted to the remaining part of a prepared tooth or, placed on a Dental Implant They are an ideal way to rebuild a damaged tooth.

Crowns can also be used to reshape and help realign uneven and slightly crooked teeth and can dramatically improve the appearance of a tooth that has been badly discoloured by fillings adding to a healthy and vibrant...

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Broken Front Teeth - Bondi Dentist

Fractured and Broken Teeth

Some people may think feel that their teeth are strong and will not break. Teeth can be fracture or break for various reasons:

Biting on hard objects such as shell fish, bones and nuts


Loss of or imbalance occlusion/bite

Tooth structure weakened by root canal therapy

Faulty dental restorations

Amalgam fillings

Tooth decay

Some breakage will cause intense pain...

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General Dentist Englewood | Cosmetic Dentist | Root Canal ...


Meet Dr. Brody

Dr. Aaron Brody combines a thorough knowledge of dentistry with a compassionate outlook to provide patients with exceptional care. Beyond just helping you with your smile, he wants you to feel safe and welcome. He's also committed to patient...

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Bloomfield Family Dental Center, PC -

Coming soon


I am a 2014 graduate from Lincoln College of New England. I have been with Mathew's Family Dental in Manchester for a year now. I am certified in local anesthesia and constantly learning more at continuing education classes. I also volunteers for Mission of Mercy (annual dental clinic). My plan is to add to my associates in dental hygiene by...

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Why Does My Tooth Hurt After A Filling? - Wendel Dental

Tooth sensitivity after dental treatment is very common, but nonetheless irritating. Why would a tooth hurt after it has just been restored? Has something gone wrong? What do I do? These are common questions with simple and complex answers.

Why would a tooth hurt after a filling?

After the completion of a filling, teeth may be hot, cold, or pressure sensitive, which is completely normal and known...

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Dental fraud scams - Dental Insurance

Dental fraud scams

Most dentists are honest, ethical professionals who provide their patients competent and caring treatment.

A small but disturbing number of dentists, however, are dishonest. They exploit their position of authority to bilk trusting patients with useless and often painful treatment, and shady billing practices.

These dentists want to line their own pockets with insurance money...

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Dentist in Cape Town | Dental Studios in Cape Town | Dental Services in Cape Town | Introduction to The Cosmetic Dental Studios

Dentist in Cape Town

Smile Design, Dental Implants , Oral Surgery and Endodontics are procedures on the forefront of Cosmetic Dentistry. On the edge of this modern technology is The Cosmetic Dental Studios, guided by Dr A Khan it can be found in Claremont and Gardens.

With more...

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Tooth - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

If they are protected and kept clean, teeth should stay for a person's whole life. Many people lose their teeth early because they do not do the right things to keep teeth healthy.

Some things people can do to keep teeth healthy:

Brush teeth after every meal and at bedtime with a soft-bristled brush. [3]

Floss after every meal (but at least once a day at bedtime). [4] Flossing should be done...

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Date: 2018-03-31 20:50:58

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Chasen Smiles Family and Cosmetic Dentistry in Monroe WA ...

Welcome to Chasen Smiles Family and Cosmetic Dentistry in Monroe, WA

Monroe General Dentist Sees Patients of All Ages

Our Monroe WA dental practice features modern services and state-of-the-art technologies in a relaxing, friendly atmosphere. Dentist, Dr. Irene Chasen values your input and partners with you to deliver truly remarkable results. Whether you'd like to enhance your smile with teeth...

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Downtown Dental St. Catharines - Dentists & Cosmetic Dentistry

Dental Services


Regular oral hygiene keeps your mouth and teeth fresh and clean to prevent dental problems such as cavities, gingivitis, gum disease and bad breath. Along with regular cleaning, oral hygiene will provide you with great overall health! ��Learn more...

General Checkup

A general checkup allows our dentist to examine your mouth and teeth to look for problems such...

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Date: 2018-03-12 18:01:43

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Cosmetic Dentistry Walnut Creek CA, General Dentist

porcelain veneers

Dental Implants Walnut Creek CA

Dental implants are designed to provide a foundation for replacement teeth that look, feel, and function like natural teeth. The person who has lost teeth regains the ability to eat virtually anything and can smile with confidence, knowing that teeth appear natural and that facial contours will be...

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Date: 2018-02-14 00:57:47

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