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Individual - Family Dental Insurance Benefits


Many American individual dental insurance and vision plans including family dental plans limit the benefits--both in number of procedures and dollar amount--that are covered in a given year. Be aware of these restrictions when choosing your plan and...

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Date: 2016-04-14 22:28:09

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Top 25 Health Insurance Company Review

Health insurance prices have been increasing rapidly in recent years mainly because the cost of health care has been following a steady rise that dramatically outpaces even the rate of inflation. Doctor office visits can cost $200 or more if you don't have health insurance and...

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Dental Hygienist | School of Health | WCTC

Dental Hygienist

70-credit Associate of Applied Science Degree

Dental hygienists rank among the fastest growing healthcare occupations. They educate patients on how to practice good oral hygiene, and they perform other preventive dental care such as teeth cleaning to remove tartar, stains and plaque; apply sealants and fluoride treatments; and take and develop x-rays. In the Dental...

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