Affordable Dental Plans for You and Your Family


This program is NOT a health insurance policy and the program does not make payments directly to the providers of health services. This program provides discounts at certain locations for health services. The program member is obligated to pay the provider for all the health care services that the member will receive, but the...

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Cost Of Wisdom Teeth Removal: How Much Is The Average Price?

Understanding which category you fall into is the first step in narrowing down your total wisdom tooth removal costs.

Simple Extraction Costs

Simple extractions are those of fully erupted teeth with simple roots and normal positioning.

The total cost of simple wisdom tooth removal for a single tooth may be $75-200 but may exceed $500. You will likely pay $300-800 for simple extraction of all four...

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Date: 2018-04-05 13:34:46

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Is dental insurance worth the cost? - CBS News

MoneyTalksNews October 18, 2016, 5:00 AM

Is dental insurance worth the cost?

By Marilyn Lewis/MoneyTalksNews

You need medical insurance, if only to protect against the cost of an accident or illness so expensive that you could be ruined financially. But do you really need dental insurance?

It's an interesting question, because you can avoid the most likely causes and expenses of dental problems,...

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Dental Insurance Alternatives for Groups, Individuals, and ...

Full time employee with gaps in coverage


Needing more dental services than your insurance will pay

Wanting to save $$ on all your dental needs

and start saving TODAY!

Even if you have other dental insurance plans, you can use...

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Date: 2018-02-25 22:30:13

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American Technology - Team

American Technology Consulting LLC our comprehensive benefits packages allow us to build a long-term relationship with the most highly trained professionals in the industry. Based on life circumstances and personal priorities, we listen and understand each individual has a unique set of benefit-related needs.

Health Benefits

o Medical Health Insurance: Enables you to choose a medical plan and other supplemental plans that are best for you or your family through our exclusive agreement with one of the largest healthcare networks.

o Dental:...

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Date: 2016-09-24 16:35:24

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Dental Insurance Plans for Children - Lychee & Plum

Dental Insurance Plans for Children

Dental insurance for children and students.

Dental plans for children

Contact Us

Child Only Dental Insurance Plans

If you want to obtain a quality dental plan for your child, I can help you. I do have more plans available for parents and children together, but you can still get decent coverage for the child by themselves.

If your goal is to find a plan that...

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Dental Pricing & Offers: Tampa, FL | Aspen Dental

20% Off General Dentistry

Offer details page must be printed and surrendered at first visit.

Not valid for previous or ongoing work and cannot be combined with other discounts or dental discount programs. Discount taken off usual and customary fees for general dentistry services and does not apply to services rendered by a specialist. Patients with insurance will receive either the 20% discount...

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Charities That Offer Free Dental Work | LoveToKnow

The American College of Cosmetic Dentistry Charitable Foundation (ACCDCF) also sponsors a Give Back a Smile program dedicated to providing free care to people with oral needs due to a domestic violence situation. Applications and further information are available at the program website.

Discounted or Reduced Fee Services

If none of the listed programs meet your needs, don't give up. Even in places without widely available charity dental services, other organizations exist that provide low-cost oral health options.

Colleges, Universities and Trade Schools

Colleges and universities often offer clinics where qualified students provide low-cost...

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Date: 2018-04-04 22:08:20

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Benefits Administration - Vensure Employer Services

Benefits Administration

A competitive benefit program is crucial to attracting and retaining quality employees. The benefit solution Vensure provides you, is not having to write your own plan. Instead you are able to take advantage of Vensure's existing benefit programs. Companies (especially small to mid-sized) enjoy costs savings from being part of a large benefit group.

Vensure administers...

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Types of Membership | ADHA - American Dental Hygienists ...

> Types of Membership

Types of Membership

Whether you are a student or a working professional, joining the largest professional organization representing the interests of dental hygienists is the right choice. As a member, you'll enjoy support, professional discounts, educational programs and numerous opportunities for participation. With your support, we can carry out our mission to advance the...

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Date: 2018-04-05 16:26:36

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Discount Dental Plan Affordable Program for Family and ...


Yvonne R. - Hockley, TX

I had a tooth extraction a few months ago. The cost would have been $500.00, but with my AmeriPlan discount it cost $264.00, which was more than a 50% savings. I'd say it was a pretty good deal!

Jessica W. - Edmond, OK

Just got back from the boy's dental appts. Wow, both of them would have cost me $304, but saved $139 with AmeriPlan,...

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