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It is important for children to develop healthy oral habits early on. Studies have shown that children who have healthy oral habits experience fewer dental problems as adults and are more confident. At E.P. Dentistry 4 Kids, we want to support your child by promoting long-term children's dental health and self-confidence. That's why we have committed our practice...

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University of Connecticut Health Center - Wikipedia

UConn Health (formerly known as the UConn Health Center) is the branch of the University of Connecticut that oversees clinical care, advanced biomedical research, and academic education in medicine. The main branch is located in Farmington, Connecticut , in the US. It includes a teaching hospital (UConn John Dempsey Hospital), the UConn School of Medicine , School of Dental Medicine , and...

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How to Start Your Own Dental Practice | Chron.com

How to Start Your Own Dental Practice

by Diana Wicks

Setting up your own dental practice requires capital, perseverance and a good chair-side manner.

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4 [Dental Practice Valuation Methods] | Dental Practice Valuation Methods

Upon completion of dentistry studies an individual has the option of working for another dentist, buying an established practice or setting up...

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Top 237 Reviews and Complaints about Delta Dental

Original review: March 26, 2018

Delta Dental is THE WORST!!! Take my word for it, and just go elsewhere. No matter the cost. After carefully selecting a plan, I chose one with a higher premium due to there not being a waiting period. I have gotten a lot of major work done in the past month, and Delta Dental has denied my claims. When I called, they stated that there is a 6-12 month waiting...

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Fort Worth Emergency Dentist - Find a 24 Hr Dentist Near You

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Fort Worth emergency dental clinics are similar to standard dental clinics in that they provide services that include x-rays, routine fillings, and cleanings.

Prior to visiting an emergency dentist, gather any recent dental x-rays that you might have and any recent medical and dental records. These records will help your dentist to determine the best treatment for your dental...

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Endodontist vs dentist. When is a root canal specialist ...


Endodontist or Dentist - Which makes the right choice?

When it comes to having root canal treatment, the field of dentistry offers two options. Either your regular dentist can perform your work, or else a specialist. The formal term for a root canal specialist is "endodontist."

The main difference between the two lies in the level of expertise they have to offer. And as this page outlines,...

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TopDoc Connect :: Executive Leadership


Dr. Benjamin Safirstein joined ArmadaGlobal as its Chief Medical Officer in 2008. He brings deep experience in the healthcare field as a practicing physician, managed care medical director and visionary leader in the health advisory services sector. He has extensive peer relationships with leading physician specialists around the globe and...

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Classifieds - Oklahoma Dental Association


Dental Assistant

Oklahoma City Indian Clinic is seeking�a full time experienced�dental assistant with a current license as well as�coronal polishing and radiology certificates.�We offer�great benefits package that includes 15 days of paid time off�your first year! this increases to 30 days your second year!!�You and your dependents are covered at 100% and�most personal...

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Teeth Whitening in Turkey: Cost and Reviews - Flymedi

Teeth Whitening in Turkey

Compare 19 clinics

Teeth whitening, also known as dental bleaching or tooth whitening is a very common cosmetic dentistry procedure. There is a small difference between whitening and bleaching - bleaching is used to whiten teeth beyond their natural colour while whitening simply restores the natural colour of the teeth. In 2010, more than 100 million teeth whitening...

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