Endodontist vs dentist. When is a root canal specialist ...


Endodontist or Dentist - Which makes the right choice?

When it comes to having root canal treatment, the field of dentistry offers two options. Either your regular dentist can perform your work, or else a specialist. The formal term for a root canal specialist is "endodontist."

The main difference between the two lies in the level of expertise they have to offer. And as this page outlines,...

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Mill Creek Children's Dentistry - Mill Creek, WA - dentist ...

Mill Creek Children's Dentistry, Dr. Shenfield provides dental care to children in a warm and anxiety-free environment.

We believe that your child's comfort and safety come first! Happy smiles come from healthy teeth, and we love sharing our philosophy in a fun and engaging manner! Our office was designed with your child's health and comfort in mind. We have a fun play area, kid-friendly...

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AETNA Medicare Plan Information - Aetna Medicare Advantage ...

Telemonitoring (remote healthcare)

Durable medical equipment for long-term, necessary and medically prescribed at-home equipment

All in all, this plan is beneficial for those who may want to see doctors and specialists who are outside of AETNA's network. However, this feature does add extra costs to your plan. If you aren't sure if you want that flexibility, you should think about the doctors and...

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