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Guide to Private Dentists | Get Me A Dentist

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Private Dentists

All dentists in the UK are allowed to work as either private dentists or NHS dentists, and in some cases they work as both. A private dentist is a qualified general dental practitioner who does not work on behalf of the NHS, which means that his or her patients are required to pay in full for their dental treatment.

Fees for private dental care are set by each dental surgery and can therefore differ quite substantially between dental practices....

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Guide to NHS Dentists | Get Me A Dentist

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NHS Dentists

NHS dentists, or general dental practitioners as they are also known, provide local dental services on behalf of the NHS for patients who are registered at their surgery.

In the past few years there has been a big shift towards private dental care but you can still find dentists taking on NHS patients, or a mixture of both NHS dental care and private dental care at dental practices. You can find a NHS dentist in your locality by using the extensive listings directory...

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Welcome | Get Me A Dentist

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Welcome To Get Me A Dentist

... your online guide to UK dentists and dental practices. Here you'll find a directory of dentists throughout the UK in areas including Manchester and London's Harley Street, along with information, tips, and advice about dental check-ups, how to find a dentist and emergency dental treatment.

You may be looking for a particular...

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