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Hybridge Dental Implants | Rochester NY

Dental Implants Rochester NY - Hybridge Certified Doctors

Meet Dr. Frank R. LaMar


Dr. LaMar is a Doctor of Dental Surgery specializing in prosthodontics and dental restoration. He trained in prosthetic dentistry at the Eastman Dental Center at the University of Rochester Medical Center.

As a Prosthodontist, Dr. LaMar limits his practice to the replacement of missing teeth, and the...

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Hybridge Dental Implants | Suffolk NY

Dental Implants in Suffolk, NY - Hybridge Certified Doctor

Meet Dr. Ira D. Koeppel


A graduate of Georgetown University School of Dentistry, the Las Vegas Institute of Advanced Dental Studies and the Eastman Dental Center's Advanced General Dentistry Training Program, Dr. Ira Koeppel brings a progressive and caring aesthetic to the profession of preventive and cosmetic dentistry. Highly...

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FAQ's - Dental Implants | Hybridge Dental Implant Bridge

What are differences between regular implants and Hybridge?

Hybridge Full Arch is not an implant. It is a prosthetic restoration which is made using very specific clinical techniques.

The "conventional" approach to dental implants can be completed in many different ways, usually resulting in porcelain crowns or bridgework. These treatments are still indicated in many instances, but usually for...

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Binghamton Hybridge Dental Implants & Restoration

After gaining his Bachelor's degree, Dr. Sambursky went on to the University Of Pennsylvania School Of Dental Medicine. Dr....

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Date: 2018-04-05 18:25:45

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Dental Implants | Toms River, NJ - Hybridge Certified Doctor

Meet Dr. Ron Rotem


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Hybridge Dental Implant Solutions - Hybridge Implants

Hybridge Dental Implant Solutions

Whether you're considering a lower jaw or an upper jaw full arch dental implant bridge, or maybe even full arch full-mouth restoration, every Hybridge solution includes a finely crafted prosthetic restoration supported by permanent titanium dental implants. These implants provide the necessary stimulation for bone growth and health. By attaching permanently to...

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Dental Implants | Hybridge Dental Implant Bridge


Hybridge Full Arch Dental Implant Bridge

The Hybridge full arch dental implant bridge offers a simplified lasting solution for those in need of a full mouth reconstruction due to dental disease, congenital condition, or accident. While our certified doctors do offer single and multi-tooth solutions, they specialize in full-mouth restoration. Hybridge offers a unique process that seamlessly blends professional...

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Hybridge Dental Implants | Buffalo NY

Dental Implants in Buffalo, NY - Hybridge Certified Doctor

Meet Dr. Robert J. Meisner


Dr. Meisner was born in Rochester, NY and currently resides in West Falls with his wife, Karin. People, caring, and medicine have always been part of his life. His father was a minister responsible for many congregations throughout Middle and Western NY, Northern Pennsylvania and Western Ohio. His...

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